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  • I can agree with that. In fact, I just played the System Shock remake and found it quite enjoyable. It kept the same vibe and feel while just updating the cosmetic aspects and having a few QoL changes for some of the mechanics. The maps and story felt the same, and I enjoyed the nostalgic feel of playing it again.

    Maybe I wouldn’t mind an alpha centauri remake. They’d only have to update the cosmetics and the UI, after all.

  • Why can’t the DNC run a better candidate?

    What other candidate has won a presidency already?

    And why can’t the GOP run a better candidate? One who’s younger and isn’t a convicted felon?

    Sure vote for the 81 year old husk but why defend him?

    There’s a difference between defending him and disputing you. If he was anyone else and you were still saying the same argument, I’d still be disputing your point.

    If trump wins its his fault for running such a miserable option for the “not trump” side

    No, this is equivalent to victim blaming. If Trump wins, it’s because of Trump and the people who voted for him.

    If trump is really so bad that we cannot let him get elected, why not just run an easy win with a competent nobody candidate with Brandon’s moderate nothing platform

    And this is the part that lets me know you’re acting in bad faith. I wouldn’t expect another reply from me if I were you. Have fun under that bridge.

  • Eh, I feel you. But on the other hand, I know I’m not the only one in this community, so everything doesn’t have to be to my liking. Frankly, a lot of y’all post some really stupid shit here. But as long as people stay civil and follow the bare minimum rules we have, I’ll leave it alone. I’m not a Nazi Reddit mod. This is a shitpost community. Let’s post some shit.

    … But like I said. There’s a limit, and rules can always change if things get out of hand. If you see anything, feel free to report it. We check the feed pretty often.

  • I can agree that there will always be subtle variations in textures of different substances, but I can guarantee you that we can affect the texture of a mixed product by altering the ingredients.

    I’ve been managing restaurants for decades, with a few Italian places under my belt with Michelin star chefs. One restaurant group featured a rotating list that always had at least a dozen different meatballs.

    I’ve seen them tweak all kinds of recipes, with all kinds of meats and grains. Beef, chicken, pork, lamb, goat, venison, even fuckin gator (which was Delicious!). I’ve also sold eggplant, chickpea, spinach, Beyond, Impossible, all kinds of shit in ball form.

    I’ve seen these chefs tweak a recipe that uses the same volume of meat, crumbs, and other ingredients, to yield significantly different textures and flavors, just by playing with how they prep those ingredients. How finely they dice/chop/prep the same amount of an ingredient affects the texture.

    How they prep the crumbs matters. What bread do they use, what’s it made of, how it was cooked before it crumbled, how finely it was crumbled, what seasonings were used that will bind with the fats and proteins from the meat.

    All of this matters and all of it affects the flavor and texture. This isn’t just cooking, it’s materials science. Give it a little more credit.