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  • Go see a dermatologist.

    A few years ago I would get patches on the back of my hand that would itch and have tiny blisters. They were persistent and over the counter ointments weren’t helping. Finally went to a dermatologist when they got unbearable. The first one I went to prescribed an ointment that sorta worked, but not that great. Ended up going to a second dermatologist when I found out the first one was an anti-vaxxer.

    The second one was on top of his game. He straight up said the first ointment wasn’t a good one to use and prescribed something much better. It knocked out the spots and itchiness after a week or two. I’ve had a couple of minor flair ups since, but the ointment eliminates it pretty quick. Haven’t had any problems for at least a year.

    If you can, go see a dermatologist.

  • That depends. Are you looking at preserving the music without loss of information? Then you need to use a lossless format like flac. Formats like aac, mp3, opus can throw away information you’re less likely to hear to achieve better compression ratios. Flac can’t, so it needs more storage space to preserve the exact waveform.

    You can use a lossy format if you want. On most consumer level equipment, you probably won’t notice a difference. However, if you start to notice artifacting in songs, you’ll need to go back to the originals to re-rip and encode.